Strategic Marketing

How much is the value of your products’ portfolio market?

 Through Strategic Consulting Services


we seek to obtain a comprehensive picture of you Customers, instinctive, emotional and rational human beings, that exist in competitive markets -intrincated and battle-hardened, to tap the economic potential of the market, in line with the strategic goals of your organization.

This matter is of great interest for organizations that depend on the acceptance of its products or services. It is complex and requires knowledge and to mix multiple variables, some controllable and some not.


Blue Marketing Model

It is the Strategic Marketing tool developed by Cesoft Colombia, which integrates methodologies and technologies: 

Value Proposition


The value proposition is closely linked to the product, service and marketing strategy. It refers to the significant value elements for customers that make a substantive difference in market.

The value proposition is designed for a product or service in a (segnmento of) market. Results are improved when it´s performed by a team, based on the Blue Ocean Strategic Marketing Model, with the help of Blue Soft©, which allows to identify and classify the value elements to define action plans for implementation of strategy, in practice.

The model allows to design value propositions for each of the portfolio products/services , which facilitates the design of a whole marketing strategy, founded on Value Propositions. 

Neuro Marketing Proposal


Neuromarketing techniques facilitate the design of the Communication proposal for the customers of a product or service.

Blue Neuromarketing Model is the methodology developed by Cesoft Colombia that get inputs from the Product/Service Value Elements with aid of the “Neuro Experience Matrix” and “Blue Neuro Template” to identifies the conceptual, visual, sensory and symbolic communication elements that are sensitive to the customer’s brain to define the the neuro communication’s parameters. 

Estrategy and Consulting support

IconLiderazgoConsulting services to assess the internal status of the marketing process and to design the strategy and actions, based on the results of the Value Proposition and Neuromarketing issues. It includes Functional and Digital Marketing Services, Concept and dvertising design, as a Community of Practice for the day to day strategy implementation.



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