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CESOFT COLOMBIA supports the achievement of the Strategic Goals of our clientes: private, public, mixed and NGO organizations, through 2 service areas:





We started activities in 2004 as a strategic consulting company, where we have developed management models and methodologies to support Corporate Strategic Processes:


  • VER© DOFA Strategic Planning Model – without uncertainty. Software model to design detailed Strategic Plans.
  • Blue Soft.  Blue Ocean Strategic Marketing Model©. Software model to design Value Proposals for the Products / Services Portfolio, in market context.
  • Blue Soft. Neuro Marketing©. Software model for designing Neuro-Communication Proposals for Potential Customers of the Products / Services Portfolio.
  • Open Space Café©. Social Technology to Integrate Communities and Stakeholders in order to elicitate Collective Knowledge facing complex or very complex issues.
  • KMi©evolutionIntegral Knowledge Management. System that uses Methodologies and ICST’s1 in order to integrate the Organizational Knowledge Management of the and the Social Knowledge Management to support strategic goals.


In 2008 we managed the “International Knowledge Management Summit” with 10 editions to date. In 2015 we held the 1st International Neuro Management Summit.

In 2012 we entered to “Non-formal Education” activity in order to complement the consulting services through Education Proposals, which we offer through the Consultants Network, based on the needs of Client’s Organizations and according to the required specialty.

In 2013 we introduced the “Satellites Workshops”, public events, specialized and active participation certified, led by the main speakers in the Summits.


We have invited to KM Summits more than 60 international lecturers, researchers and specialists of high level. During the process, an outstanding group of senior consultants of high level and diverse specialties has been associated with the organization to strengthen the capacities of Consultancy, Corporate Education, Knowledge, Leadership, Innovation, Practice and Accompaniment (Coaching)

Thanks to this experience we have developed contacts to invite high level specialists, national or international, in order to address a specific knowledge topic, exclusively for one or several organizations.


Through strategic alliances we add other methodologies and technologies to our Knowledge System portfolio:




During this experience we found that two values are highly addressed in the context of fundamental competencies to development corporate knowledge:





But competencies are dominated by Organizational Culture, which favors or inhibits the development and application of these competencies in people. For this reason, we support its evolution with an emphasis on the values of the Organization to promote the development of its Leadership and Innovation Culture,  collaborating in these processes through programs of integration, accompaniment and training.



We seek to add economic and social value at the international level through the formation of a Network of high level, specialized and experienced Consultants, in Strategic Management: Corporate, Knowledge and / or Neuro Management, integrated through the Cesoft Colombia’s ICTS’s1 Methodologies, in order to offer Strategic Consulting added values to support Client’s Organizations.

If you would like to be part of this network, please write to consultoria@cesoft.co




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1. ICTS´s: IT, Communication and Social Technologies.