The innovation. A hole in the business world

Innovation is a “hole” in today’s business world and
the “missing link” of its evolutionary process

In the business world, innovation is a subject growing in demand, stimulated by the urgent need to innovate from the current organizations to try the uncertainty generated by the chaotic and convulsive scheme of today’s society, facing a whirlwind of technological advances and political, economic, social and climatic changes, that are transforming culture and changing patterns of production, consumption and behavior in an increasingly global and interconnected world.

Innovation is linked to the nature of the human specie, to its creative capacity and to its ability to develop instruments, organize processes and socialize knowledge.

It is present throughout history in the invention of the wheel, the gunpowder and the plow, but it is after the French revolution when surge the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, the atomic energy and the diode to illuminate the technological firmament of today’s world, in which computers, internet and tele-communications stand out.

The concept of business innovation, as perceived today, arises in the industrial era. From the twentieth century we see an incremental number of new products and services that establish new patterns of supply and demand, parallel to the development of organizational disciplines where advances in the field of marketing have used advertising to stimulate consumption.

This reality has generated a continuous and growing cycle of innovative products and services that had created a “disordered appetite” by consumers, for more products and services that exceed the limits of curiosity, emotion and comfort.

It is thus configured a socio-economic pattern dependent on innovation with an exponential tendency and increasing incidence in the organizational context, to the point that increasingly, innovation is more determinant to guarantee the subsistence of organizations.

The issue is complex because beyond the experts and human capacity, innovation is a matter of business and social order. It entails costs, risks and patience to accept the times and failures of a process that may be slow, that requires knowledge, leadership and strategy to enable cultural transformation towards innovative organizations.

Increasingly, innovation is more decisive to ensure survival of organizations

Innovation does not respond to scientific or magical formulas and is applicable transversally and vertically in all areas of the company, which increases the difficulty and, at the same time, offers numerous possibilities, which requires a systemic vision and a strategic approach.

In summary, it is a high management topic, supported on knowledge management, leadership and strategy, which requires investment in creativity and structuring, excellence in the processes of quality, risk and change management, creative, technological and human resources, practice, integration with stakeholders and regular accompaniment (coaching for innovation) to leaders and teams, in order to ensure the continuity and regularity of the process.

As a metaphor we conclude that innovation is a “hole” in the business world today, and the “missing link” of its evolutionary process.

In order to support the business community at Cesoft Colombia we are working on an “innovative” business consulting and training program, with the aim of facilitating the approach of innovation from different angles and levels in organizations, to transfer concepts, knowledge and practices applicable to management processes, in order to promote a cultural transformation process, from traditional to innovative organizations.

Freddy Trujillo
June 2017

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