Strategic Marketing

What is Strategic Marketing? What is it for?



Blue Marketing Model

The Strategic Marketing facilitates the design of the marketing strategy for a product / service, to support achievement of the strategic organization goals.

Marketing is one of the issues that floats on the minds of entrepreneurs, executives and business people who try to decipher clues to improve positioning and sales of their products and / or services. It is a vital issue that determines the survival and success of organizations; It is complex, dynamic and it’s both art and science.

IconTargetBlue Marketing Model is a Strategic Marketing proposal for identifying value elements of a product/service, against the company and its competitors; evaluate customers and consumers to understand their neurobehavioral and define a Strategic Marketing Plan that involves people in the organization and market players in the Product/Service Value Chain, in order to optimize the economic potential in market.

Focusing a Product / Service, the Blue Marketing Model guides the strategic design process into three phases:

  • The value proposition for customers.
  • The Neuro communication proposal for Clients.
  • The Strategic Marketing Plan

It’s a comprehensive model that includes “Traditional Marketing”, “Digital Marketing” and “Neuro Marketing”[1] principles; through the “Product – Market”[2], “Customer Knowledge”[3], “Blue Ocean Strategy”[4], “Structural dynamics”[5] methodologies; through Blue Soft© -Value Proposition[6] and Blue Neuro Marketing©[7] tools, from the “Knowledge Café”[8] and “Communities of Practice”[9] social technologies and from Internet and social networks marketing procedures.


The design has a high content of “perception of reality” as well as “vision”, key elements for “strategic formulation”. In this process is key the ability for “change observation”, that requires high doses of dynamism and flexibility to react promptly in order to seize opportunities and respond to threats.

The implementation is an ongoing process that involves Knowledge Management People, Technologies, Processes and Social Knowledge, both in the organization and the Product / Service value chain.

Knowledge of the principles of complexity, uncertainty and chaos are crucial for the implementation of the marketing strategy in the current day.


[1]    Based on the SalesBrain methodology.

[2]    H. Igor Ansoff – 1971.

[3]    Based on demographic, psychographic and social profiles of potential customers.

[4]    W. Chan Kim y Renée Mauborgne. 2001

[5]   The Path of Least Resistance: Robert Fritz. 1989. This methodology was built in by Peter Senge PhD. on his 5th discipline. – 1990

[6] Excel-MSVisualBasic Application by Freddy Trujillo © Rafael I. Rodriguez – 2010, which methodologically incorporates the Blue Ocean Strategic Marketing Model© to facilitate the designs of the “Value Proposition” for Product / Service, individually and as a team.

[7] Analytical model that uses Neuro Living Matrix©, to facilitate the identification of customers’ communication parameters: conceptual (semantic), graphics, symbolic and sensory.

[8]    Also known as TallerCafé ©, a procedure developed in Cesoft Colombia -2011, based on the The World Café methodology (Juanita Brown/David Isaacs -2001) which differs from capturing the collective knowledge in Concept Mapping (J. D. Novak. PhD. -1977).

[9]    Etienne Wenger -1998


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